Your Custom DLC Consultation: What to Expect

Industrial Hard Carbon specializes in custom DLC applications for a wide variety of industrial applications. From motorsports to machinery, our diamond-like carbon coatings are suitable for a myriad of uses, many of which are custom tailored to a client's specific needs.

Many clients come to IHC with a specific problem they need solved. They’ve researched thin films, landed on DLC coatings and already have an idea of its benefits, but they’re not sure how it applies to their specific situation. That’s where our technical experts come in.

IHC's Team of Thin Film Engineers

Each product manager at Industrial Hard Carbon is technically trained and well-versed in thin films, not just IHC's diamond-like carbon coating.

This means our team has years of experience in various fields and is intimately familiar with the challenges presented by issues such as friction, resistance, weight, and wear.

In most situations, a few in-depth phone conversations are all it takes for our engineers to suggest a comprehensive approach to solving your mechanical issues. In other cases, an on-site visit is necessary to fully understand the scope of your product, production process or technical challenges.

What to Expect at Your Consultation

During your custom DLC consultation, you’ll be asked a series of questions. Very generally, we want to know the pain points you’re experiencing with your current application (if any) and what goals you hope to achieve with IHC's DLC.

Is your goal less wear and tear on your machinery parts so your runtime is longer? Is your machinery not functioning at the speed you know it could be? Are you seeking to make your manufacturing process more efficient? These are just a few of the questions we ask our clients, and no answer is ever the same.

For instance, in the oil and gas industries, a client might come to us looking for a full-system coating that can better withstand extreme conditions like heat, pressure and altitudes. Conversely, an electronics manufacturer might see the benefit from IHC’s proprietary thin coating as a highly-conformal substrate.

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How our technology makes sense for your business is dependent on your current needs and goals, your flexibility and your projection for growth.

Our experienced technical team understands your need for a fail-proof DLC thin film application. Diamond-like carbon coatings are the future of manufacturing, but only if they’re suited to the job. A one-size-fits-all application is doing your facility a disservice.

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