What Makes Industrial Hard Carbon's DLC Ideal for Oil & Gas Applications?

At Industrial Hard Carbon, our Diamond-Like Carbon Coating succeeds where other thin films fail. Why? Because of extensive R&D on our end, our engineers have developed an extremely flexible DLC solution that’s ideal for a variety of applications.

One of the industries we often service is oil and gas.

At IHC, our experts understand the common issues within the oil and gas/natural gas industries and the need for a strong lasting thin film coating. Our DLC is uniquely qualified to succeed in this arena and here’s why.

DLC for the Oil Industry

As technological advancements in the oil industry push standards further, commercial drilling operations struggle to find technical applications that can withstand the pressure, both literally and figuratively.

Enter diamond-like carbon coatings.

IHC’s custom DLC thin films have extreme hardness, less than or equal to 17 GPa, which is important for the heavy machining required for oil drilling.

DLC is often used to coat machinery that needs to be corrosion-resistant to better withstand the conditions of mud, saltwater and other moistures. Oil machinery coated with DLC is made to last longer and withstand the elements – both natural and situational – better.

Natural Gas and Diamond-Like Coatings

The rise of natural gas as a fossil fuel has driven some of the most tech-forward innovations in decades. So naturally, the natural gas industry is one of the most important in IHC’s client portfolio.

Our DLCs aren’t just corrosion resistant (important in adverse conditions), they have extremely high lubricity which is critical in a high-friction, repetitive pumping scenario.  As an application, diamond-like carbon coatings make natural gas pumping equipment more wear-resistant and better able to withstand extreme conditions.

DLC is a Natural Fit for Gas and Oil

The primary properties of Industrial Hard Carbon’s DLC coating solutions work specifically to reduce corrosion, increase tribology and keep from fouling produced substrates.

IHC’s application method for diamond-like carbon coatings provides supreme flexibility – almost any metal and shape can be coated to increase its lifespan and improve its functionality. Often, our team receives custom requests from commercial oil and gas producers to help develop solutions for their businesses.

Contact us to find out more about why our DLC solutions for oil and gas are ideally suited for the industry.

DLCs for Oil & Gas

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