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What Makes Industrial Hard Carbon’s DLC Better than Other Thin Films

When it comes to implementing a thin film coating on your application that is prone to extreme wear-and-tear, corrosion and other ailments, not every thin film is created equal. It can be difficult to find a thin film that can withstand a vast array of elements without negatively impacting the performance of whatever it is you’re coating.

Fortunately, Industrial Hard Carbon’s diamond-like carbon coating has a history of prevailing where other thin films fail. The best part? IHC’s DLC only betters performance due to the nature in which it’s applied.

Read on to learn what makes IHC’s diamond-like carbon superior than other thin film coatings on the market.

1. The Application Process

industrial-hard-carbon-dlc-coating-machinery-1.pngIHC’s DLC is an amorphous matrix of both nano-crystalline diamond and nano-crystalline silicon carbide, and its qualities can only be surpassed by pure diamond.

The DLC is applied to parts through a proprietary plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition process. This means it adheres to the part smoothly, and takes on the exact shape and nature of the coated part.

Prior to application, IHC’s thin film engineers complete a surface prep treatment in-house to ensure the DLC adheres to all parts of the item evenly in all areas.

2. The Properties of IHC’s DLC

IHC’s DLC coating is characterized by its extreme hardness, high wear-resistance, high corrosion resistance, and high lubricity. It’s these unique properties that make the DLC the perfect solution for many different applications across various industries.

Extreme Hardness

Less than or equal to 17 GPa, or less than or equal to 85 Rc.

High Lubricity

Significant reduction in coefficient of friction lab tests and required torque in field applications compared to bare metal; 50 percent or greater friction reduction with no lubrication as compared to bare metal is typical.

Wear Rate

Significant reduction in wear resistance.

Flexural Strength

Can withstand less than 46,000 psi tensile and compressive stresses, and compressive strain of 0.17 percent.

Corrosion Resistance

Protects underlying substrate from most corrosive agents.

Conformal to Substrates

Plasma assisted CVD, by definition, depositions evenly over all surfaces of a part without special fixturing or rotation.

Operating Temperature

Operates from -200°C or -320°F to less than 600°C or 1112°F, dependent on oxygen partial pressure.

Thermal Conductivity

Less than 10 W/cm°K.

Electrical Resistivity

Less than 109 ohm cm, doping options to lower r.


Deep black.

3. IHC’s Knowledgeable Thin Film Engineers

Industrial Hard Carbon’s elite team of thin film engineers is just one more thing setting IHC’s DLC apart from competitors. The engineers at IHC are all experts when it comes to thin film application and knowing which thin films work best for which application.

IHC’s thin film engineers consult clients on various options and each coating application is customized to fit the exact needs of the client; our DLC application is not a “one size fits all.” And in the event that DLC wouldn’t be the best solution for your coating needs, our experts will point you in the right direction.

Not to mention, since DLC coating is implemented in-house, the turnaround time of IHC’s DLC coating tends to be much faster than competitors at less than two weeks; rush time is always an option as well.

4. IHC's  ISO 9001 Quality Management System

industrial-hard-carbon-certifications.pngIHC’s ISO 9001 Quality Management System delivers world-class Quality, Service, and Delivery to every Customer

Industrial Hard Carbon’s elite team has institutionalized the principals and practices of a world-class ISO 9001 Quality Management System. Our on-time delivery has exceeded 99 percent for over five years straight. Our customer service is continuously rated as outstanding by our customers. Our quality is the absolute best-in industry and performs at 6-Sigma quality levels.

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