Warning: You’re Losing Money by NOT Coating Your Machinery in DLC

When it comes to manufacturing and production, the performance of machinery is everything. If the machinery stops working or is not operating as efficiently as it could, it is dramatically impacting the company’s bottom line.

There are all kinds of coatings and thin films on the market to help various manufacturing and production facilities stay up and running with optimum performance. However, there is one thin film coating that surpasses all others when it comes to protecting machinery and producing the greatest results. Diamond-like carbon coating, or DLC.

If your facility is experiencing any of these problems, you’re most likely losing money by not having your machinery coated in DLC.

1. You’re Having to Clean Your Machinery More Often

A common pain point among production managers is the need to schedule downtime to take apart the machinery to clean and inspect all the intricate parts. Scheduling downtime is a difficult task - you wait too long and your machinery breaks or is damaged long term. Schedule downtime sooner than necessary and you’ve lost priceless minutes of production time.

Diamond-like carbon coatings have a high lubricity and extreme wear resistance which helps keep machine parts cleaner for longer. This provides the opportunity for production time to increase as there is less need for scheduled downtime to take apart the machinery to clean and lubricate the different components.

2. You’re Not Operating as Efficiently as Possible

Overall Equipment Effectiveness, or OEE, is the calculation that measures the percentage of manufacturing time that is productive. In other words: Availability X Performance X Quality = OEE.

industrial-hard-carbon-dlc-coating-machinery.pngIf the production process is slower than usual and it’s not manufacturing at its optimum speed, performance is lost. Likewise, if the machinery isn’t running efficiently enough to deliver the highest quality of products, the overall quality of what the facility is producing is compromised. And if production is disrupted for any period of time due to machinery malfunction, availability suffers.

DLC can help improve OEE due to its unique set of properties. Diamond-like carbon coating has extreme hardness, high lubricity, is corrosion resistant, is extremely wear resistant, is conformal to substrates, and doesn’t lose any of its properties even within extreme operating temperatures.

This means that DLC allows manufacturing facilities to generate top performance producing high quality products with maximum availability.

3. You’re Not Getting the Longest Lifespan Possible Out of Your Machinery

The lifespan of machinery and its parts is ambiguous at best. How long a machine and its parts will last is directly dependant on what is being manufactured and how well the machinery is being taken care of.

The properties of DLC allow for you to get the maximum lifespan out of your machinery. If diamond-like carbon coating is applied to clean machinery, it can exponentially increase the life expectancy of each part.

The Solution: IHC’s Diamond-Like Carbon Coating

Your operation is losing money by not coating your machine parts in DLC. Regardless of the industry you’re in, Industrial Hard Carbon’s experienced thin film engineers can help you derive the right solution for your application.

Learn more about IHC’s DLC and request a free quote today!

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