The Insider's Guide to DLC Coatings & Firearms

Depending on the nature of use, firearms can be exposed to a wide variety of elements and can be subject to extreme wear. Fortunately, diamond-like carbon coatings can provide protection for all types of guns, as well as other benefits, without impacting the performance of the gun.

Read on to discover how IHC Carbon Raptor DLC coatings can improve the lifespan of firearms without negatively impacting the fit or function of the gun. 

Diamond-Like Carbon Provides Wear-Resistance

First and foremost, diamond-like carbon coatings offer increased wear resistance and low friction for guns. The thin film protects the outer surface of the gun from scratches and other forms of abrasion, and protects the internal components from wear generated during use.

IHC Carbon Raptor DLC coatings achieve surface hardness ranges of 2800 – 3800 Vickers, which is a 10 times improvement compared to noncoated steel. The coefficient of friction (slickness) of IHC DLC coatings ranges from .04 to .15 CoF, compared to most steels ranging between .50 - .60 CoF in non-lubricated environments.

That means that DLC provides a is 5 to 10 times reduction in wear resistance compared to noncoated steel.

DLC Thin Film Reduces the Need for Lubrication

Coating firearms in Industrial Hard Carbon's Carbon Raptor DLC coating prevents the need for constant lubrication. Due to the unique properties of diamond-like carbon coatings, the thin film acts as a lubricant and keeps the internal components of the gun free from catching or grinding.

DLC coatings are very smooth by nature and because the thin film is completely dry upon application, dirt and dust slide off rather than sticking.  The black IHC Carbon Raptor DLC coating provides an exceptional custom finish to firearms.

DLC Doesn’t Impact Fit or Function of the Gun

Most importantly, DLC coatings do not impact the fit or function of guns. DLC is applied through a plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition process allowing it to seamlessly conform to the substrate material. This means that the application doesn’t impact the weight of the gun or the performance of the shot. 

Download the Complete Guide to DLC in Firearms

When it comes to coating firearms, there is not another thin film on the market comparable to diamond-like carbon. To learn more about the unique properties of the coating and common coating applications within guns, download the free eBook, The Complete guide to DLC in Firearms.

The Complete Guide to DLC in Firearms eBook

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