Q4 is Coming: Include DLC Coatings in Your 2018 Budget

The year has flown by and we’re already about to enter Q4, meaning the task of creating next year’s budget is upon us all. Regardless of the industry you’re in, many product producing companies share similar goals for each new year - become more efficient, increase uptime in product production, better the product altogether, increase longevity of equipment, etc.

With goals like that, it just makes sense that the 2018 budget should include implementing technologies and processes to help reach those goals. That said, it’s time to include diamond-like carbon, or DLC, into your budget to help you reach your new business goals. Here’s why.

1. DLC Offers Unlimited Coating Applications

Industrial Hard Carbon’s DLC is an amorphous matrix of nano-crystalline diamond and nano-crystalline silicon carbide, and its properties are only surpassed by pure diamond itself. The thin film is applied via a proprietary plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition process so it adheres seamlessly to the substrate, and doesn’t compromise the fit or function of the substrate.

Due to its properties and its application process, DLC is able to be used in a limitless amount of applications, but it’s commonly used in the oil and gas, industrial, motorsports, textile, chemical, electronic, cutting, and firearms industries.

industrial hard carbon applications.jpg

2. DLC Performs Better than Other Thin Film Coatings

Diamond-like carbon is characterized by its extreme hardness, high lubricity, high wear-resistance, and high corrosion resistance, to name a few.

dlc-coating-industrial-hard-carbon.jpgIt’s flexural strength can withstand up to 46,000 psi tensile and compressive stresses, and compressive strain of 0.17 percent. It can withstand extreme operating temperatures, still working from -200° Celsius to less than 600° Celsius dependent on oxygen partial pressure. It’s thermal conductivity is less than 10 W/cm°K. Not to mention, it’s electrical resistivity is less than 109 ohm cm, doping options to lower r.

These unique properties set IHC’s DLC apart from other thin films on the market, and DLC has a long history of performing where other thin films on the market fail.

3. DLC Brings ROI

One thing is for certain - when coating in diamond-like carbon, you can expect to see a return on your investment. Industrial Hard Carbon’s DLC is not one-size-fits-all. IHC’s skilled thin film engineers work with each client to discuss their application and specific needs. Then, the DLC is applied to the substrate in a manner that it will meet the client’s needs.

Because of DLC’s properties, the thin film can last for years on the substrate depending on wear-and-tear and the amount of use. This allows for the coating to bring ROI.

Infographic: DLC Brings ROI>>

Implement IHC’s DLC in 2018!

Interested in learning more about Industrial Hard Carbon’s DLC coating? Ready to add implementation to your list of “todo’s’ for 2018? Then reach out to IHC’s team to learn more today. Get a free quote on your specific application so you can plan your budget accordingly for the new year.

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