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How to Prevent Your Industrial Machinery from Breaking Down

One of the worst things that can happen in an industrial facility is the breakdown of machinery. Unscheduled downtime is costly. Not only is there the cost of fixing the broken machinery to get it up and running again, but there is also lost profit because that machinery stalled production.

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What Makes Industrial Hard Carbon’s DLC Better than Other Thin Films

When it comes to implementing a thin film coating on your application that is prone to extreme wear-and-tear, corrosion and other ailments, not every thin film is created equal. It can be difficult to find a thin film that can withstand a vast array of elements without negatively impacting the performance of whatever it is you’re coating.

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The Insider's Guide to DLC Coatings & Firearms

Depending on the nature of use, firearms can be exposed to a wide variety of elements and can be subject to extreme wear. Fortunately, diamond-like carbon coatings can provide protection for all types of guns, as well as other benefits, without impacting the performance of the gun.

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Warning: You’re Losing Money by NOT Coating Your Machinery in DLC

When it comes to manufacturing and production, the performance of machinery is everything. If the machinery stops working or is not operating as efficiently as it could, it is dramatically impacting the company’s bottom line.

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3 Ways DLCs Enhance the Chemical Production Process

Regardless of the product being produced, manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to produce products more efficiently while decreasing unscheduled downtime. There is nothing worse than the production process getting off track and money being lost due to machinery failure or other unforeseen complications that could have been avoided had the proper methods been in place.

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What Makes Industrial Hard Carbon's DLC Ideal for Oil & Gas Applications?

At Industrial Hard Carbon, our Diamond-Like Carbon Coating succeeds where other thin films fail. Why? Because of extensive R&D on our end, our engineers have developed an extremely flexible DLC solution that’s ideal for a variety of applications.

One of the industries we often service is oil and gas.

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Your Custom DLC Consultation: What to Expect

Industrial Hard Carbon specializes in custom DLC applications for a wide variety of industrial applications. From motorsports to machinery, our diamond-like carbon coatings are suitable for a myriad of uses, many of which are custom tailored to a client's specific needs.

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DLC Is Revolutionizing the Motorsports Racing Industries

The auto racing and motorcycle racing industries are large. In fact, auto racing is so popular that Formula One® is the largest recognized sport worldwide.

.Advancements in production and logistics capabilities over the last decade have made components for moving vehicles less expensive, longer-lasting and more attainable than ever before. The most exciting game-changer in an increasingly tech-forward field? Diamond-like coatings.

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3 Ways DLC is the Printing Industry’s Secret Weapon

The printing industry is rife with complexities. From logistics to technology, printing’s capabilities are changing what seems like every year. It can be hard to keep up.

Forward-thinking companies in the printing sector are looking to new ways to improve methods and efficiencies. Enter: DLC.

Diamond-like carbon coatings from Industrial Hard Carbon are often used to streamline the very processes that make printing work. Here’s why:

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How to Keep Textile Machinery Running Longer & More Efficiently

Textile machinery endures a high degree of wear and tear throughout its lifetime. Due to the high temperatures required for it to run smoothly, the near constant use and the force needed to manipulate a wide variety of textiles, maintaining this kind of equipment is a job in itself.

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