One Thing You Won’t Find at the 2017 Marlboro Gun & Knife Show

The Gun & Knife Show is coming to Marlboro, Massachusetts September 23-24, 2017. One of the bigger gun and knife shows in the northeast, it attracts firearm and knife dealers, collectors and owners from all over. If you haven’t secured your tickets yet, you can get them here.

However, the one thing attendees won’t be seeing much of at the Marlboro Show yet is firearms and knives coated in diamond-like carbon coating, or DLC.

DLC is Changing the Game for these Industries

heritage-pistol-ihc-dlc.pngDiamond-like carbon is an amorphous matrix of nano-crystalline diamond and nano-crystalline silicon carbide. Its properties can only be surpassed by pure diamond. So why is it a game changer in firearms and knives?

Unlike any other thin film coating used in these industries, DLC manages to combine the properties of both graphite and diamond to create a coating that is exceptionally hard, but also extremely slick. Like graphite, DLC is known of its low friction coefficient and is also very inert to chemical attack. However, similar to diamond, it has a high hardness and high thermal conductivity.

So while the DLC protects the different components of a gun or knife from the wear-and-tear from use or from the elements, it doesn’t compromise performance and strengthens the product’s parts long-term.

Why Knives & Firearms are being Coated in DLC

When it comes to firearms specifically, DLC reduces the need for lubrication inside of the gun, produces high wear resistance, and protects the outer surface of the gun from scratches and other forms of abrasion. And like stated prior, it’s applied via a chemical vapor deposition process so the DLC seamlessly conforms to the substrate material.

To learn more about specific applications for DLC within firearms, download IHC’s free eBook, The Complete guide to DLC Coatings for Firearms.

cuttingtools.jpgAs for knives, diamond-like carbon’s hardness keeps knives and other cutting tools dramatically sharper and extends the lifespan much longer than bare metals or ceramic coatings.

Learn More About Coating Your Firearms & Knives in DLC

Coating firearms and knives in DLC is a relatively new phenomenon so it will not be widely seen at the 2017 Marlboro Gun & Knife Show. However, over the course of the next few years, dealers, collectors and owners can expect to see many more items coated in DLC - upping the price point and the quality of the firearm or knife.

To learn more about Industrial Hard Carbon’s Carbon Raptor DLC coating and the specific applications within guns and knives, reach out to one of our thin film engineers. Whether you’re a firearm/knife dealer or supplier, a collector or owner, IHC can help you preserve your product without impacting fit or function.

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