How to Keep Textile Machinery Running Longer & More Efficiently

Textile machinery endures a high degree of wear and tear throughout its lifetime. Due to the high temperatures required for it to run smoothly, the near constant use and the force needed to manipulate a wide variety of textiles, maintaining this kind of equipment is a job in itself.

From looms to cutters, to spinners, most machines undergo thousands of repetitions a day. This inevitably leads to breakdowns causing lost production and lost profit. That’s where Industrial Hard Carbon and its DLC coating comes in. 

Whether providing its own film or alternative surface treatments, IHC offers custom solutions to meet the most demanding textile applications

Drawing on years of experience, IHC's engineers carefully map out the critical aspects of your application to create a custom solution meeting the needs of your machinery and your factory. 

While each application has its own unique set of challenges, here are a few tips to extend the lifetime of your machinery as long as possible.

Keep it Clean

Textiles create quite a bit of dust; as this dust accumulates on the parts, it can create serious problems for sensitive machinery.

In addition to creating abrasive wear, fibers can build up inside gears and belts creating issues resulting in a production slow down and lost productivity.  While periodic disassembly and cleaning of all the moving parts of a textile machine is helpful, a solution allowing the cleaning of parts without disassembly is ideal. 

Industrial Hard Carbon offers solutions that allow thorough cleanup with minimal effort.

Reduce Friction

Most textile machinery uses components moving at high-speeds to perform an extensive array of functions. If not properly lubricated these functions create a great deal of friction and heat.

While it’s imperative to keep machinery properly lubricated or greased, an investment in a high-quality coating can greatly extend the life of your machines. 

IHC’s Diamond-Like Carbon thin film have shown more than an 80 percent reduction in friction lab tests.  Moreover, IHC’s thin film is ‘dry’ and won’t affect components coming in direct contact with process fibers. 

This versatility gives operators opportunities to coat components that would otherwise remain bare, and ultimately results in less wear and tear, higher productivity and trouble-free operation of your machinery.

Regular Maintenance Intervals

Proper maintenance is critical to the smooth operation of textile equipment. It also comes at a significant cost. 

While textile operations that ignore regular maintenance can actually spend more money in the long run, frequent shutdowns to replace high wear components are still painful events. IHC can help.

In addition to offering general solutions to extend the life of machine components, Industrial Hard Carbon can tailor custom coating solutions to match your maintenance schedule and budget. This allows for a more effective maintenance schedule with maximum uptime and minimal cost.

Find Out How Industrial Hard Carbon Can Help

The very nature of textile manufacturing requires repetitive motion to transform the raw product into a useable form and this repetition inevitably leads to wear on even the most robust machines.

While these tips are a start to getting the most out of your textile assets, many solutions are available to extend the life of components and address the specific needs of a particular application.  Contact us and let our experienced technical team help guide the solution for your textile machinery today.


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