DLC Is Revolutionizing the Motorsports Racing Industries

The auto racing and motorcycle racing industries are large. In fact, auto racing is so popular that Formula One® is the largest recognized sport worldwide.

.Advancements in production and logistics capabilities over the last decade have made components for moving vehicles less expensive, longer-lasting and more attainable than ever before. The most exciting game-changer in an increasingly tech-forward field? Diamond-like coatings.

The Impact of DLC on Automobiles & Motorcycles

In most automotive and motorcycle applications, friction is the one variable that’s difficult to control.

A necessary byproduct of the repetitive motion of engine parts, friction causes wear, slowness and heat. The development of an ultra-thin diamond-like coating that can be used to coat motor components has drastically reduced friction measurements, in some cases up to 40 percent.

DLC, by design, has a very low friction coefficient and abrasion resistance. New methods for applying and adhering DLC to engine components are still being developed, and companies like Industrial Hard Carbon are working on their own proprietary adhesion systems for various applications.

Special Applications for DLC in Motorsports

IHC’s Hard Carbon Raptor is designed to help transmission and drivetrains operate at maximum efficiency.

When stopping to change out a worn part can mean winning or losing a race, long-lasting technologies are critical. The DLC technology of the Hard Carbon Raptor is designed for maximum hardness and lubricity with extreme resistance to wear.

Fuel Savings from DLC are Changing Racing

In both motorcycle and auto racing, fuel-saving is a hot-button issue. With speeds and maneuverability seemingly at their peak, teams are turning to fuel to shave milliseconds off racing times and give competitors an edge. Enter: DLCs.

When applied to engine components such as piston rings, diamond-like carbon coatings can reduce fuel usage by individual machines. Because it’s so thin and light, DLC also improves power-to-weight ratio, a critical measurement for winning competitive races.

Weight is particularly important for moto racing where a few pounds can make all the difference for riders.

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Learn More About DLC in Motorsports

Keep in mind that when it comes to thin film coatings in motorsports, not all are created equal. Download the free eBook, The Ultimate Guide to DLC Coatings in Motorsports, to learn how Industrial Hard Carbon's revolutionary diamond-like carbon coating makes a dramatic impact for race teams.



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