Could IHC be the Game Changer for Formula One Racing?

Formula One® racing is drastically different from how it was 10 years ago. As recently as 2000, “dirty air” exhaust made watching a race – and participating in one – particularly difficult. Thanks to cleaner engines and other technological advances in the equipment used in Formula 1® racing, millions of viewers are tuning in to watch each international race online, but popularity is still middling in some markets. Why?

Changes in the Race

Fans point to factors like quieter engines, less attractive cars, and slower race times. Slow cars seem to be a particularly grave complaint…if F1 vehicles aren’t fast, why are they worth watching? Indeed, a host of rules and regulations designed to level the playing field have narrowed the field for innovative technology, long a hallmark of Formula One® teams.

Since 2005, engine sizes have decreased while lap sizes have increased due in large part to “designed to degrade” components. From tires to suspensions, F1 drivers are less likely than ever to push their cars to the limit, irking fans and race teams alike. Enter: the Hard Carbon Raptor.

Parts Without the Wear-and-Tear

The Hard Carbon Raptor from Industrial Hard Carbon is designed specifically for motorsport applications. Placing a diamond-like hard coating on elements of a Formula One car such as the engine, transmission and drivetrain reduce friction and overall wear, providing drivers the opportunity to really push the car's limits during a grand prix. The DLC thin film far surpasses ceramics and other carbon-based protective coatings on the market dramatically extending the lifetime of a part. Less wear results in faster speeds creating more intense grands prix.

In 2016, F1 has ‘opened up’ the so-called black areas of a car where no modifications were previously allowed. Power outputs are up, exhausts have been revised and even tire materials are undergoing a renaissance.

However,even with all the technological innovations coming to Formula One racing throughout the next few years, IHC’s Hard Carbon Raptor has the potential to be the biggest game-changer of all. When parts last longer…do teams win more? 

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