3 Ways DLCs Enhance the Chemical Production Process

Regardless of the product being produced, manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to produce products more efficiently while decreasing unscheduled downtime. There is nothing worse than the production process getting off track and money being lost due to machinery failure or other unforeseen complications that could have been avoided had the proper methods been in place.

This rings especially true in the chemical industry where machinery is sure to experience corrosion, wear-and-tear, and production rejection throughout the production process.

Fortunately, DLC coatings (diamond-like carbon coatings) are a viable solution for chemical production. Here are three ways DLCs enhance the chemical production process for manufacturers:

1. Helps Lubricate Machinery for Greater Efficiency

Adding and testing lubricants is an important process for any manufacturer. Lubricants reduce the friction around any moving part of the machine and lengthen the lifetime of the machinery. There are specific kinds of grease and oil used to lubricate chemical machinery, but often overlooked is the use of thin films as a lubricate.

Industrial Hard Carbon’s DLC offers high lubricity without the excess build-up that oil and grease can produce. It protects the machinery from corrosion in tough processes such as pumping and mixing, and it also prevents wear caused by high temperatures and aggressive formulations.

2. Keeps Machinery Cleaner Longer

chemical-production.jpgMachinery operators are constantly having to inspect machinery to ensure its cleanliness and to look for signs of wear as these items can dramatically impact the lifetime of chemical machinery and its parts. Wouldn’t it be nice if that inspection time could be shortened and that extra time could become more uptime?

DLCs high lubricity enables a clean release from chemical product molds, pins and other associated parts. This results in less production rejection and less time spent cleaning. And due to DLCs unique set of properties including its extreme hardness, flexural strength and operating temperature, it keeps machinery cleaner for longer allowing manufacturers to reach maximum uptime.

3. Prevents Production Downtime 

It’s a known best practice that operating managers need to schedule regular maintenance and repair time in order to get the most lifetime out of their machinery. Lubrication needs to be tested and added where needed, filters need to be changed, all friction materials need to be inspected for wear- the list goes on and on.

Without this regular downtime spent on inspections and repairs, unscheduled downtime could occur and could last a while as the factory is waiting for parts to come in and repairmen to complete the job. When this happens, not only is money lost on lost production time, but money is also lost on acquiring new parts, new machinery, and repairs.

Because of its properties, DLCs allow for chemical production facilities to schedule downtime less often allowing for more production time, and result in less unscheduled downtime due to DLCs succeeding where other thin films and coating lubricants fail.

Discover More Benefits of DLCs in Chemical Production

ihc-logo.pngIndustrial Hard Carbon’s DLC coating can change the way your chemical production facility operates and increase the efficiency of your manufacturing process.

To learn more about IHC’s chemical application and to implement DLC coatings at your facility, ask for a product demo. Our team of thin film engineers would love to walk you through the diamond-like carbon coating’s capabilities and build a custom application for your chemical production process.

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