3 Ways DLC is the Printing Industry’s Secret Weapon

The printing industry is rife with complexities. From logistics to technology, printing’s capabilities are changing what seems like every year. It can be hard to keep up.

Forward-thinking companies in the printing sector are looking to new ways to improve methods and efficiencies. Enter: DLC.

Diamond-like carbon coatings from Industrial Hard Carbon are often used to streamline the very processes that make printing work. Here’s why:

1. DLC keeps intricate machinery running smoother for longer.

Machines breakdown. It’s just what they do!

However in printing, machinery is bigger, heavier and more complicated than in other production-based industries. One broken part or ground gear is enough to shut a whole line down for days while the machine is meticulously taken apart for service.

It’s an expensive, time-consuming process.

Diamond-like carbon coatings are known for their high lubricity and resistance to wear. DLCs handle the friction load of printing presses and belts more efficiently than other comparable materials, and require coated parts to be serviced less often.

2. DLC keeps ink true to its color.

Thanks to some of the inherent properties of DLC, inks pressed with Industrial Hard Carbon’s coated materials are truer to color for longer periods. High surface energy minimizes wettability allowing for less ink usage and bleed over time.

The transfer onto all kinds of surfaces is high-quality and more stable than with traditional printing methods. This translates to major cost savings on the backend.

3. DLC is extremely resistant to erosion over time.

The substrates used in printing are often wet or at least damp. Moisture is the enemy of metal.

Over time wetness causes abrasion to metal surfaces requiring repair and replacement, and can actually impact the quality of the final print itself. Diamond-like carbon coatings protect sensitive metal parts from the inevitable moisture levels required for printing processes, from ink to laminate to film.

It’s a uniquely effective material for combating the destructive properties of erosion. 

Coat Your Printing Machinery in DLC

Diamond-like carbon coatings from Industrial Hard Carbon are a tech-forward solution for so many industries. Printing has undergone rapid change over the last few decades and industry veterans have stated their excitement of the possibilities DLC presents.

Find out how Industrial Hard Carbon’s customized solutions can make your printing facility more efficient.


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