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Industrial Hard Carbon, LLC completes ITAR Registration

DENVER, NC, AUGUST 16, 2017 --  Industrial Hard Carbon, LLC is pleased to announce that it's Denver, North Carolina facility is now ITAR Registered  and that the company has received its official International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) registration from the US Department of State.

IHC's ITAR registration, coupled with it's ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Quality Management System certifications, demonstrates a serious commitment to the procedures and training required to provide the highest possible quality products and services to the Defense contracting industry.

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What You Won’t Learn at the 2017 Speciality & Agro Chemicals America Conference

This September, the 2017 Speciality & Agro Chemicals Conference is coming to Charleston, South Carolina. Each year, this conference promotes chemical manufacturing, technologies and related services that have particular applications within the agrochemical and speciality chemical markets, specifically those that are based out of North America.

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Firearm Suppliers: Increase ROI by Coating in DLC

When it comes to firearms, suppliers are missing an opportunity to generate ROI by coating firearms in diamond-like carbon coating. In a nutshell, by coating parts of a gun in DLC, dealers are able to guarantee a longer lifespan and less maintenance on the firearm. This then allows the firearm to sell at a higher price point, thus generating ROI for the manufacturer.

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Why DLCs are so Effective in Motorsports

When it comes to all the different kinds of thin film coatings on the market, they are not all created equal. Some coatings offer lower friction, while others offer increased wear resistance or temperature resistance.

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Together Everyone Achieves More

IHC Collects School Supplies to Help Local Area Schools

DENVER, NC, AUGUST 21, 2017 -- This summer, Industrial Hard Carbon began an internal school supply drive to collect school supplies for local Lincoln county schools.

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Everything You Need to Know About IHC's DLC [INFOGRAPHIC]

Industrial Hard Carbon's diamond-like carbon coating has a unique set of properties surpassed only by pure diamond. The following infographic outlines many of IHC's properties that set it apart from other thin films on the market.

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How to Prevent Your Industrial Machinery from Breaking Down

One of the worst things that can happen in an industrial facility is the breakdown of machinery. Unscheduled downtime is costly. Not only is there the cost of fixing the broken machinery to get it up and running again, but there is also lost profit because that machinery stalled production.

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What Makes Industrial Hard Carbon’s DLC Better than Other Thin Films

When it comes to implementing a thin film coating on your application that is prone to extreme wear-and-tear, corrosion and other ailments, not every thin film is created equal. It can be difficult to find a thin film that can withstand a vast array of elements without negatively impacting the performance of whatever it is you’re coating.

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The Insider's Guide to DLC Coatings & Firearms

Depending on the nature of use, firearms can be exposed to a wide variety of elements and can be subject to extreme wear. Fortunately, diamond-like carbon coatings can provide protection for all types of guns, as well as other benefits, without impacting the performance of the gun.

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Warning: You’re Losing Money by NOT Coating Your Machinery in DLC

When it comes to manufacturing and production, the performance of machinery is everything. If the machinery stops working or is not operating as efficiently as it could, it is dramatically impacting the company’s bottom line.

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